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Allegiance to a Life of Good Living Part 2

If you live or travel through India, you are sure to have witnessed sadhus, fakirs and holy men.

Theirs is a life that we all would love to live sans the trials and tribulation of having a decent place to stay and good food to eat.

Sangla is a much acclaimed valley where the river Baspa runs for many miles and thankfully without the silt colors as is the case in the river Satluj. Sangla always has a tinkling wine country sound to it but I have no idea if grapes grow in the cold here. Kinnaur, the district in which this place is located does have a history of local brewing called "ghanti" made of apples and apricots, the hefty taste of which I have not had the pleasure to partake. am told it has a slightly similar though rougher texture like that of a cognac.

You have to leave the old Silk Route to Tibet at Karcham and take the right fork. On a narrow defile through which the road climbs up from there onwards to Sangla, there is a segment of the road that runs below overhanging cliffs.

A small temple of white with red lines on one side and a 2 tier 4 feet wide walled room on the other can be seen and if you care to make a stop here you will run into this Sadhu who stays here in the lonely cliff face.

Most ascetics of India abstain from indulgences like family life, attachments and good living. Smoking a chillum is not one of the abstentaions that is prescribed. You smoke to get into a state of higher being.Soma was the drink of Indian Gods as per the Vedas and other literature but smoking does not find much of a reference for Godly wars and pleasures.

I and a friend sat down with this holy man. He sports the beard of Tagore and the forehead markings of Shiva’s trident and exchanged some truths of life. An allegiance to Life while he drew on the heady aroma of cannabis.

The framing is narrow as then that is the entire width of the place.

_dsc 1292 jpeg

A life of goodness
Brings joy and peace to the soul
Choose it every day

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