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Apparently, Green is Preferred

Mile High 420 Festival – Denver, Colorado

In the realm of nature’s art,
Where colors shine in every part,
Green is the hue, favored and adored,
A shade that leaves us truly awed.

Forests adorned in vibrant glee,
As leaves sway with pure harmony,
A testament to life’s blessed grace,
In nature’s embrace, a sacred place.

But why green, you may kindly ask?
For it’s a color that’s not afraid to bask,
In the morning’s light, or twilight’s gleam,
Green prevails, reigning supreme.

The grass beneath our wandering tread,
Whispers secrets, never fully said,
Its verdant carpet, soft and cool,
A soothing balm, a natural fuel.

And in gardens, green steals the show,
With emerald petals that brightly glow,
Enchanting us with its mystical dance,
A verdurous feast, a captivating trance.

So next time you find yourself in doubt,
Which color holds the most clout?
Just remember, my dear friend,
Apparently, green is preferred till the end.

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Posted by Colorado Sands on 2019-04-26 16:37:00

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