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In emerald fields, a plant does grow,
A leafy friend, that many do know,
Cannabis, they call you, a gift so grand,
A source of healing, in this earthly land.

Beneath the sun’s warm, golden embrace,
You stretch your limbs, with elegant grace,
Your aromatic blooms, they mesmerize,
As lovers of nature, we realize.

Oh Cannabis, your leaves, lush and green,
Hold secrets, as yet to be seen,
Through ancient times, you’ve stood with pride,
Your healing powers, we cannot hide.

From pain and suffering, you bring relief,
Easing anguish, and calming grief,
Your gentle touch, a comforting balm,
A solace found, in your soothing calm.

Medicine, art, and spirituality,
In your presence, we find tranquility,
A sacrament shared, in sacred rites,
Opening minds, to celestial heights.

But in the shadows, laws do persist,
Weary souls, in society resist,
Misunderstood, by those who fear,
Yet your virtues, are crystal clear.

Cannabis, oh guardian of the Earth,
We seek to celebrate your worth,
A symbol of love, peace, and unity,
You connect us all, in this vast tapestry.

So let us embrace, this green embrace,
With knowledge, let’s erase the trace,
Of stigma and mistrust, we must defy,
For Cannabis, our friend, you never lie.

In gardens wild, or rooms obscure,
Your presence, is a gentle lure,
Cannabis, we honor you today,
In this poetic ode, we humbly say.
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Posted by DonGoofy on 2013-08-25 11:00:36

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