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Cannabis culture

Du chanvre cultivé par les fermiers d’un village. Ils mangent les graines et certains en font du textile.

Hemp grown by farmers from a village. They eat the seeds, and some of them use it for textile.

In haze-filled rooms we gather, Cannabis culture thrives,
A plant that sparks connection, where passion truly thrives.
Through laughter and bong rips, we cultivate our peace,
Unveiling creativity, inhibitions cease.

Buds of vibrant colors, exhaling fragrant bliss,
An herb that brings us solace, through the highs and the abyss.
From ancient times to present days, it’s been our herb of choice,
Igniting inspiration, a catalyst for voice.

Though some may cast their judgment, misconceptions in the air,
We embrace the healing power, for us, it’s only fair.
A weed that breaks down barriers, promoting unity and love,
For Cannabis culture teaches us to cherish dreams above.

So let us keep on blazing, with respect and utmost care,
To foster understanding, a golden bond we share.
For in this shared experience, we find community,
Cannabis culture’s legacy, forever wild and free.

**Short Joke:** Why did the tomato blush when the Cannabis plant walked by?

Because it saw its joint!

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Posted by Ilan G. on 2011-12-16 11:34:15

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