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Cannabis culture

Du chanvre cultivé par les fermiers d’un village. Ils mangent les graines et certains en font du textile.

Hemp grown by farmers from a village. They eat the seeds, and some of them use it for textile.

In smoky haze we gather,
Our souls entwined, we roam.
Cannabis, our sweet wonder,
Cultivating friendships grown.

Nature’s gift, oh, Cannabis!
A herb of ancient grace.
From shore to shore, it whispers,
Bringing joy to every place.

In fields of green, it dances,
A dance of carefree delight.
A culture, lovingly embracing,
The power of this sacred sight.

Through swirling tendrils, we connect,
A shared journey, we embark.
Cannabis culture, love’s effect,
Bound together, heart to spark.

Buds bloom under moon,
Cannabis culture’s embrace,
Nature ignites souls.

Why did the Cannabis plant go to therapy?
Because it was feeling rather “weed-y”!

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Posted by Ilan G. on 2011-12-16 11:33:03

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