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Crime with no victims

These are good people. Extremely hospitable mountain men , lovers of simple pleasures. Hard working people. Farmers, cultivating plant that has been useful to humanity for thousands of years. It is us who make them criminals, us who put the black stripes on their faces. It is Europeans and Americans who came to Rif, where kif, a mild mix of cannabis and tobacco was smoked traditionally and taught them to make hashish, which we also declared illegal. Now we put pressure on Moroccan government to take away their source of income, to put them in jail for many years. This is why you will not see their faces, this is why the good photographs are spoilt, this is why the hashish you smoke in Europe is spoilt, when good organic product of natural plant is mixed by middlemen and dealers with everything they have on hands, including chemicals from used batteries. All because the weed is illegal, because we chose to make a certain plant big crime, often punished harder than rape or murder. We have created a culture of crime, we have created mafias out of our fears and hypocrisy, we turned natural into taboo, we break lives for crime with no victims, in fact, the only victims are victims of the law. When I say we, I mean all those citizens of the countries of the world that in the last Century of Paranoia choose either to forbid other people’s pleasures or not care enough about their own governments telling them what they can put in their bodies. It is highest time to stop it, to take the black stripes off the faces of those who do no wrong and put them on faces of politicians who break lifes of others without a shadow of doubt.

Thanks and respect to the people of Ketama whose faces can not be shown.

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Crime with no victims
Is it really a crime?
Just breaking the rules.

Why did the burglar take a shower before robbing the house?
He wanted to make a clean getaway!

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Posted by Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak on 2012-09-18 14:04:05

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