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Macro Monday - Inspired by a Song

Some Days – Sturgill Simpson

"Well some days you kill it and some days you just choke
Some days you blast off and some days you just smoke
Well now maybe I do and maybe I don’t
Everybody says they’ll be there but in the end y’all know they won’t"

I have been a music listening freak. I love lyrics and was very excited about this idea, but realized interpreting the idea to a macro picture was difficult! I am a recent fan of Sturgill Simpson. He is what I call NPR Country music. He isn’t often played on main stream radio, and certainly not country. (Go figure) If you like old country, you’ll like him. (Think Merle Haggard) This song is upbeat in sound, but a bit dark in lyrics.

I am certainly not condoning the use of cannabis. Up until a couple of years ago, I was very anti drugs of any kind. I still struggle a bit, but I have been more open to the use of it, especially when I have seen first hand the use of medicinal marijuana with my sister, who died in 2014 from cancer, and the relief she got from it. RIP Paula. xx

On Macro Monday
Zoom in on the world around
Seeing beauty clear

Inspired by a song
Macro lens captures the notes
Creating new art

Why did the macro photographer go broke?
Because he couldn’t make any “big” money!

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