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Mudrika baba

Mudrika means "ring"

He is a joking man, would laught at my question, never give me a serious answer. I don’t know him very well in fact, but meet him sometimes during the Ramlila festival of Ramnagar, the village where I leave.

The pipe is called a "chilum", it’s filled with Ganja. Ganja is dedicated to Shiva, the principle of evolution. Before lighting a chilum, sadhu shouts " Bam Bhole", Bhole is another word for Shiva.

Ganja helps one to come in direct contact with perception of oneself in the world. (When used properly)

In the realm of peace,
Mudrika Baba finds solace,
Guiding souls to bliss.


Why did Mudrika Baba go to the bakery?
Because he kneaded some enlightenment!

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Posted by Elishams on 2007-06-26 00:31:44

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