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Benefits of Using Marijuana Distillate in Edibles


Using marijuana distillate in the production of edibles offers several significant advantages, particularly in terms of dosage accuracy and purity. Distillates are highly concentrated forms of THC, obtained through a detailed extraction process. This process draws out THC compounds from the cannabis plant, mostly the flowers, resulting in a product of high purity and potency. Distillates can have a potency as high as 99 percent, making them one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrates available​​​​.

Versatility in Use

The adaptability of distillates lies in their ability to blend seamlessly into numerous recipes. Whether mixed with baking components, cooking oils, or directly infused into finished products, they provide extensive creative possibilities for edibles.

Precise THC Content Calculation

Distillates’ high purity and concentration simplify the calculation of THC levels in edible servings. This accuracy is crucial for both home and commercial edible production, addressing previous issues of potency inconsistency. This article offers guidance on determining the precise milligram-level potency in edibles, ensuring an accurate estimation of the total THC.

Pre-Decarboxylation Convenience

Distillates come pre-decarboxylated, meaning they are immediately ready for use. This property eliminates the need for additional processing to activate THC, saving significant time in edible preparation. The THC is already activated due to the distillation process, streamlining the infusion into various ingredients.

Exceptional Purity and Potency 

Marijuana distillate stands out in the cannabis concentrate market with up to 99% potency. Achieved through sophisticated extraction, this purity isolates THC from other plant compounds, removing substances like terpenes and flavonoids. Consequently, distillate-based edibles lack the pronounced cannabis taste and aroma found in products made with different methods, making them more desirable for those who prefer edibles without the traditional cannabis flavor or smell. This characteristic is ideal for integrating into various edibles, ensuring the original flavors remain unaltered and appealing to a broader audience.

Calculating THC Dosage in Edibles with Distillates

Calculating the amount of THC milligrams in each edible can seem like a daunting task. Online calculators can assist with this process. Maestrodose offers a dosage calculator on their website along with recipes for making distillate, oil or tincture and even a mushroom gummies recipe.

But if you want to figure it out with a pen and paper, this methodology will get you there:

Let’s consider a practical scenario where you have a 1g syringe of marijuana distillate with a known THC content. For example, suppose the distillate contains 90% THC. This means that in 1 gram (1000 milligrams) of this distillate, there are 900 milligrams of THC (90% of 1000mg).

Determine the total THC content in the distillate. In this case, it’s 900mg for the 1g syringe.

Decide on the recipe you will use for your edibles. For simplicity, let’s assume you’re making a batch of brownies that will be cut into 10 equal pieces.

If you infuse the entire 1g of distillate into the brownie mix, the total THC content in the batch is 900mg.

Divide the total THC content by the number of servings. For 10 brownies, this would be 900mg ÷ 10 = 90mg of THC per brownie.

Considerations for Accurate Dosing

To ensure edibles have an accurate dosage level, there are some things you can do to help the process. This is very important in terms of understanding how much cannabis you are ingesting, and what the effects can be.

Homogeneity: Ensure that the distillate is evenly mixed into the batch to maintain consistent dosing in each serving.

Individual Tolerance: Be aware of individual tolerance levels. 90mg per serving is a high dose for many people, especially those with low tolerance or new to cannabis edibles.

Cooking Process: Avoid overheating the mixture to preserve THC potency. THC can degrade at high temperatures, potentially altering the intended dosage.

Labeling and Caution: Always label homemade edibles with their THC content and consume them responsibly.

The takeaway

The use of marijuana distillate in the production of edibles presents numerous advantages, chiefly in terms of dose precision, flavor neutrality, and product purity. As a highly concentrated form of THC, distillates offer a potent and pure option for edible creation. Their neutral flavor profile does not alter the original taste of edibles, making them more versatile and appealing to a wider audience. This adaptability is further enhanced by their ability to easily integrate into a variety of recipes.

The precision in THC content calculation is another significant benefit. With distillates, determining the milligram-level potency of THC in each edible serving becomes simpler, ensuring consistency and accuracy. This is particularly important for both home cooks and commercial producers who need to maintain consistent potency in their products.

When creating edibles with distillates, it’s crucial to consider accurate dosing. Factors like ensuring homogeneity of the mixture, recognizing individual tolerance levels, avoiding overheating during cooking, and responsible labeling and consumption are vital. By adhering to these guidelines, one can create edibles that are not only potent and pure but also safe and enjoyable for consumption.

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