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Berner Reviews the FlavRX Co2 Oil Vape Pen | FlavRX Cannabis Extracts

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The FlavRX kiit comes with a Vape Pen, 1000 mg Cartridge, and USB charger (from Om Healing and Wellness in Santa Barbara). Since these pens have 1000mg, its like getting OVER 1/4 of top shelf indoor bud, only better tasting, for $60! With its sweet thin mint aroma and classic taste, Girl Scout Cookies provides full-body relaxation while still maintaining productive and creative functionality. Girl Scout Cookies can also alleviate pain for cannabis patients while not keeping them locked to to the couch. All of the flavors of the FlavRX pens are amazing and accurately represent the strains. This is possible because the right scientists combined with the right technology finally together, finally have the ability to preserve terepenes (this gives cannabis and other organic compounds smell and flavor) during the Co2 extraction process.

Om Healing and Wellness | Santa Barbara

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