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Canada Cannabis News: 6 people charged as part of RCMP organized crime investigation in southern Ontario


Six people face charges after an RCMP investigation into marijuana plants being grown in southern Ontario.

RCMP based in Kitchener got three search warrants in August as part of the organized crime investigation in collaboration with Ontario Provincial Police in Shelburne and the Waterloo Regional Police Service.

Three properties were searched: One in Melancthon Township north of Shelburne, one in Kitchener and one in Wilmot Township, which is just to the west of Kitchener.

RCMP say there were 1,365 marijuana plants growing at the Melanchthon Township property, which is beyond what people can grow for personal use. There were also 88 large bags of dried marijuana seized at that property.

Many bushy-like plants growing in an area surrounded by tall trees
The RCMP released this photo of some of the 1,365 marijuana plants seized during an investigation. The plants were being grown at the property in Melanchthon Township. (RCMP)

At all three locations, officers seized drugs and guns including:

  • More than 200 kgs of dried marijuana.
  • More than 60 kgs of psilocybin (magic mushrooms).
  • 6.25 kgs of hashish.
  • 72 kgs of cannabis edibles.
  • Four grams of cocaine.
  • 914 grams of methamphetamine.
  • 936 grams of MDMA.
  • One Glock 9mm hand gun with two loaded magazines.
  • One .22 calibre rifle.
  • Two replica firearms.

The six people charged face a number of drug possession, drug trafficking and weapons charges.

The RCMP said in the media release that they, with the help of the OPP and police in Waterloo region, “put a stop to the illegal activities occurring in numerous communities. We are pleased to be able to keep our communities safe by seizing both drugs and guns from another organized crime group.”

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