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Cannabis companies turn to Toronto stock exchange to attract investors

TMX CEO Lou Exxleston discusses cannabis investing and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: …

Cannabis companies are increasingly looking to list on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) to attract investors and capitalize on the growing demand for cannabis products. The TSX has emerged as a preferred option for these companies due to its rigorous regulatory framework and the credibility it provides in the investment community. With cannabis becoming legal in Canada and several US states, the industry has seen immense growth and is attracting a significant number of retail and institutional investors. By listing on the TSX, cannabis companies are hoping to tap into this investor interest and raise capital for expansion and further research and development. Additionally, being listed on a reputable exchange like the TSX helps these companies establish credibility and opens doors for potential partnerships and collaborations. The move towards the TSX also reflects the maturing of the cannabis industry and its emergence as a legitimate sector for investment.


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