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Cannabis Cultivation – Marijuana Indoor Crop Steering Basics with Growlink — Ed Rosenthal


Because crop steering, or precisely controlling dry down rates, is associated with the repetition, duration, and timing of feeding schedules, automating irrigation can be a critical advantage in successfully achieving a crop steering strategy.

Fertigation injects fertilizers into irrigation lines and can be pre-programmed based on desired specifications.  This allows you to pre-program feeding, water, and nutrient amounts while precisely monitoring your substrate’s water content pH, EC. 

Steering With Environmental Conditions

Climate impacts plant growth profoundly and, like irrigation, can be used as a valuable tool for steering crops. Adjusting temperature, humidity, or airflow will direct the plant energy towards the desired outcome; vegetative or generative growth stage. 

Crop Steering techniques should be tested before rolling it out to your entire operation as with any new growing method.

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