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DEA Says Cannabis Seeds Are Federally Legal


The DEA presented a popular public service announcement in 2022 that has been well received by the cannabis breeders, genetics companies and those who buy and sell seeds. Chalk up the DEA statement as a win for the cannabis industry and cannabis community all together. In a nutshell, they confirmed what only few knew. The truth is that by law cannabis seeds are considered hemp seeds. Thanks to the Farm Bill, cannabis seeds are hemp seeds by law. The DEA’s recent PSA on seeds has recently made that truth undeniable to all of those concerned.

Essentially, seeds are required to test less than 0.3% THC in seed form. Since the DEA has broadcasted their PSA on weed seeds, it is possible that seed producers will have yet another advantage against clones and tissue culture clones. 

Are marijuana seeds still controlled in the US? No.

Is it illegal to buy or sell marijuana seeds in the US? No.

“Stores and seedbanks are selling more seeds than ever, and we have seen a profound number of farms leaning towards seed over clones the past few years,” said Laura Madison, COO of Brothers Grimm Seeds.

It is high time to start your home grow, whether indoor or outdoor. Start with seeds! However, be careful buying seeds. There are many scam seed sellers online, especially on Facebook. The worst place to buy seeds is on Facebook. You do not need to lurk in the shadows of prohibition to find seeds anymore, so avoid Facebook groups and buying seeds from people. Instead, buy them from legitimate sources who have a website, a phone number, and most importantly, a good reputation. Never attempt to buy seeds from a website that feels like a scam or spammy. A true, honest, and authentic seed producer will proudly display their breeder’s information. When you buy from a seed bank, you can always verify with the breeder (on the breeder’s website or Instagram, etc.) that “said seedbank” is authorized by them to sell their seeds. Breeders will thank you for this.

You can find seeds online from reputable cannabis seed banks like Seedsman or DC Seed Exchange, or you can buy cannabis seeds directly from the breeder. Additionally, you can get weed seeds at some hydro stores, grow stores, smoke shops or cannabis dispensaries. Brothers Grimm Seeds is a well-known cannabis seed brand with legacy seeds for sale like Cinderella 99, Apollo, Rosetta Stone, G13 Genius, Space Queen, Princess Haze, and more recent popular strains like Durban Thai x C99, Grimm Glue, Durban Nights, and Cinderella Pineapple.

As a seed consumer and customer, be picky about quality, not price. Also, look for breeders and companies that have a public history, not just a flashy website or new social media presence. There are top cannabis breeder lists online to explore, too. When you contact a breeder, always thank them for their work, let them know how you discovered them, and don’t try to haggle with them. They are artists with a special product, so act accordingly.

Cannabis seeds cost $1 – $20, depending on the quantity you’re purchasing of course. Some exotic seed packs may fetch $200 or $300, but on average there are seed packs that have 6, 9, or 10 seeds per pack for around $100 just about everywhere. Don’t forget, you’re getting ounces per seed, if not per pound, so be careful with your perspective on how much you feel is appropriate per seed.

Overall, clones are quite a bit more expensive than seeds, and seeds are far less likely to have any kind of disease. Perhaps seeds are the future of cannabis growing.

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