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Elegant Herb Vape Uses Sticks Of Weed!? – Omura Review

This is a fresh vaporizer company, and their delivery method for the actual cannabis is pretty intriguing… Using pre-measures sticks of dry herb, they offer both THC and CBD options in collaboration with some great cultivators in the US. Sustainability is a huge focus for these folks, and they’ve gone the length to ensure packaging and the actual herb sticks are completely recyclable, biodegradable + created from plant fibers. The battery charges via USB-C, and the whole thing operates off one long press of the button.
From there, the session runs at a set length and weens off the temp; it is nearly 4 minutes from the first press until the end of sesh. The sticks are one time use, and come in packs of 12.
I really enjoyed using this thing, running through a full pack of CBD flower and nearly done with the THC herb box now. I will definitely keep on using this, especially indoors as I’m with family who don’t like the odor of weed smoke.
The flavor is pretty top notch, as well as their factory settings that have never combusted on me [unlike some other dry herb vapes I’ve tried.]
If I had to give it a rating, it would be at least a 8.7/10, I really don’t have any complaints about it and seems like they’ve figured out any issues it may have. I have reviewed the Gen 1 battery, and since receiving it they’ve released a newer model.


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