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If we talk about American seed banks or breeders with a reputation beyond doubt, the name of Ethos Genetics comes to the fore almost immediately. And it is that in the constantly evolving industry of cannabis, few brands have managed to capture the attention and respect of enthusiasts and growers as Ethos Genetics has.

Based in the United States, this cannabis seed bank has built an exceptional reputation for its commitment to quality, genetic innovation, and cultivation excellence. Since its inception, Ethos Genetics has emerged as a leader in the creation and distribution of elite cannabis genetics, which have not only transformed the consumer experience but have also significantly influenced the industry landscape. Today we invite you to learn more about a brand that has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to genetic excellence and innovation, thus setting new standards in cannabis cultivation and leaving a lasting mark on the cannabis community.

Ethos Genetics, synonymous with excellence and superior quality
Ethos Genetics, synonymous with excellence and superior quality

Ethos Genetics, raising the bar for cannabis quality

Throughout its history, Ethos Genetics – led by Colin Gordon – has managed to gain a foothold among the most prestigious American marijuana seed banks thanks to its philosophy and, of course, the quality and stability of its varieties. Established in Denver, Colorado, the Ethos team breeds its varieties until they are able to fix the traits that interest them the most, so on many occasions, we find genetics bred for several generations before seeing the market, which greatly increases the stability in the results and fidelity to the genetics itself.

Raising the quality of both the methods and the varieties is another of Ethos’ objectives, which has a technique for producing feminized seeds (they call them Alpha Seeds) that causes very little stress to the plants and minimizes the risk of hermaphrodite specimens appearing. In addition, their genetics are tested and subjected to stress and resistance tests before being released for sale, which is always a sure thing for the grower who is lucky enough to germinate them.

As you have already seen, Ethos produces feminized seeds, although it also has an interesting catalog of regular seeds and, of course, automatic seeds (in this case also feminized), so whatever type of grower you are, you will find top genetics of this bank that suits your needs or preferences. At Ethos they are very aware that, in the end, a bank’s reputation depends on the quality of the product it offers, so they are the first to want to ensure results that they invite us to repeat. Let’s take a look below at some of the most popular strains among our customers.

Traits like resin production are important to the Ethos Genetics team
Traits like resin production are important to the Ethos Genetics team

Feminized strains from Ethos Genetics

Ethos’s collection of feminized seeds is as wide as it is interesting, with crosses that are already more than attractive but to which must be added the fact that many of them have been worked for several generations, improving their stability and offering results. much more consistent than in the case of hybrids (we should talk about polyhybrids) of the first generation. You can find many of these genetics in our store, in formats of 5 and 10 feminized seeds. These are some of the most popular:

Crescendo RBX1, a genetic to fall in love with

The main traits of Crescendo RBX1 make it one of those seeds that you can enjoy growing wherever you grow and no matter what your preferred technique is. Given its good balance between Indica and Sativa genes, it is a plant that grows vigorously enough to be used in SCROG crops, although given its characteristics it can also work great in SOG crops, always taking into account its powerful stretch during the pre-flowering stage. If it receives proper care, outdoors it becomes an authentic beast of great size and production, being able to exceed a kilo of dried buds per plant.

Its complex flavor mixes sour and earthy notes with citrus and fizzy nuances, a real party for your taste buds. Of course, keep in mind that its buds reach 30% in THC… you have been warned!

Mandarin Cookies, a classic from Ethos Genetics

Undoubtedly, one of the most celebrated genetics from this bank is Original Mandarin Cookies, a cross between the famous Girl Scout Cookies (Forum cut) and Mandarin Sunset, which stands out for its pronounced citrus aromas of mandarins and oranges. It is a fast and productive variety, from which it is easy to select a mother plant with excellent qualities for all types of crops, especially commercial ones. In addition, it has a high THC content, ranging between 25 and 30%. If you like sweet, citrusy flavors and heavy potency buds, then you should definitely give it a try!

As a second option if you are a fan of this type of aroma, and with quite similar characteristics, you may also be interested in Fanta Sea RBX, or of course the 2.0 version of Original Mandarin Cookies, called Mandarin Cookies R1 V2.

The bud tails of Original Mandarin Cookies are as spectacular as they are aromatic
The bud tails of Original Mandarin Cookies are as spectacular as they are aromatic

White Wedding RBX, a trichome factory

One of our favorite genetic lines is the one derived from Wedding Cake, a plant that captivated us from the beginning due to its flavor and aroma. Imagine how long it took us to try a three-way cross between Mandarin Cookies, Crescendo, and the aforementioned Wedding Cake! The result, we anticipate, is simply spectacular. Once again, we are faced with a very versatile strain, that responds well to all kinds of environments and cultivation techniques, and which undoubtedly stands out for its high yield, both in terms of flower per square meter and amount of resin.

As is customary in Ethos varieties, the flavor, and aroma of White Wedding RBX are very complex and mix notes of incense and fuel with fruity nuances and pine resin. Its effect is fast and powerful, stimulating the mind while relaxing the body, very suitable for creative tasks or enjoying a walk.

Wrank R2, power, and high performance

Wrank R2 is a peculiar strain, as it presents two perfectly distinguishable phenotypes with very different organoleptic qualities, although the rest of the cultivation parameters such as flowering time (9-10 weeks), THC content, or yield are very similar between both phenos. One has a deliciously sweet forest berry flavor, while the other has much darker undertones, reminiscent of half-rotten meat and fuel, as complex and unusual as it is interesting. Undoubtedly, one of the most distinctive features of this genetics is its tremendous narcotic effect, very powerful in terms of body and mental relaxation.

As you will see, thanks to the thick layer of shiny resin that covers the colorful and tight flowers of Wrank R2, its appearance is unbeatable, being flowers worthy of appearing in a cannabis museum.

Wrank R2 flowers stand out for their visual appeal... and also for their aroma!
Wrank R2 flowers stand out for their visual appeal… and also for their aroma!

Autoflowering strains from Ethos genetics

At Ethos they are aware of the great demand in the market for top-level automatic genetics, especially in feminized format. For this reason, they present a good collection of Autofem genetics with their quality seal, which presents a range of flavors worthy of the best photoperiod-dependent varieties. Remember that you can check them all in our online store, where you will find them in formats of 3, 6, and 10 seeds.

Inzane Auto, the automatic version of Inzane in the Membrane

If you’ve been following Ethos Genetics for the past few years, you probably remember their Inzane in the Membrane strain, a hybrid of unknown origin with a powerful uplifting effect that was said to be unsuitable for the novice or casual users. Well, here we present the auto version of this powerful genetics, Inzane Auto, which, thanks to the genetic inheritance of its photo-dependent ancestor, presents great vegetative vigor, something that always greatly improves production in auto-flowering varieties.

In addition, its delicious flavor blends notes of lemon tart into a Diesel/Kush background that lingers on the palate for a long time, which combined with its high THC content makes it an ideal plant for the veteran consumer looking for quality without complications.

Regular strains from Ethos Genetics

If you are interested in the world of cannabis breeding, you are probably looking for a good variety to select your next male. Well, our advice – if you haven’t already – is that the next regular seeds you try are from Ethos Genetics, you won’t be indifferent to the quality of their genetics! Its regular varieties are found in packages of 8 and 17 seeds, among which we highlight the following:

Mandarin Zkittlez, a terpene tsunami

If you’re familiar with Zkittlez genetics, you’ll know what we mean when we talk about intense fruity flavors to the point of cloying. Well, Mandarin Zkittlez would be another good example of this type of variety, a cross between Mandarin Sunset and California Black Rose that is ready to harvest in 55 days and that we especially recommend for lovers of concentrates and resin extractions. Its intense aroma of tropical fruits with spicy notes will captivate you, we are sure of it.

Mandarin Zkittlez from Ethos Genetics is an excellent candidate if you like resin extractions
Mandarin Zkittlez from Ethos Genetics is an excellent candidate if you like resin extractions

GMO Zkittlez F1, a champion mix

Speaking of especially fragrant varieties, GMO wouldn’t be left off the list with its powerful and complex aroma, of course not! In the case of GMO Zkittlez F1, we are dealing with a powerful hybrid that mixes GMO, Zkittlez, and OG Kush genes, resulting in a range of unique flavors and aromas. Potency is another obvious feature of this strain, with a THC content that easily exceeds 25% and provides a relaxing effect on both the body and the brain, highly appreciated by its followers.

OGDlux, the sublimation of Kush varieties

If you haven’t heard about OG Kush genetics everywhere in recent years, you’ve probably been isolated on some remote desert island oblivious to the reality of the cannabis world. And it is that this genetics has become one of the main pillars of breeding today, with hundreds of hybrids and new lines derived from it more or less directly. Well, at Ethos Genetics they decided to create the ultimate Kush hybrid with OGDlux, a 4-way cross between some of the best cuts of this genetic line. A safe bet if you are a lover of Kush varieties, without any doubt.

Of course, do not hesitate to consult the rest of the Ethos varieties in our online store, we assure you that you will find the genetics you are looking for. And, if you have experience with any of them, tell us your opinion in the comments section, we will be happy to exchange impressions.

Happy harvest!

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