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Find The Best Spot to Grow Weed Outdoors


If you’re planning to grow weed outdoors, you’ll need to make a few important decisions first. A cannabis plant in your backyard will only thrive if you plant the seeds in the best spot. Once you’ve found the ideal location for outdoor weed cultivation in your unique garden, you’re all set for a grow with a spectacularly bountiful yield!

Your Own Outdoor Weed In The Garden

If you have a little space in your garden, you can easily grow your own cannabis and secure your own supply of top-quality outdoor weed. All you really need to do is order weed seeds from a supplier with a good reputation. You’ll always find a suitable strain for outdoors that matches your taste. A cannabis plant is meant to thrive in the open air, and cannabis is tough enough to fully earn its nickname ‘weed’.

Once your weed seeds are in, it’s time to determine two crucial factors of a successful outdoor grow: perfect timing and an ideal location for your plants.

Depending on where you live, it’s often a good idea to germinate your seeds in April or May. If you plan your outdoor weed season well, you can harvest between August and October, depending on the variety you choose.

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The Best Spot For A Cannabis Plant In The Garden

Once you have your chosen cannabis seeds at home, you need to decide what the best spot for a cannabis plant in your garden is. Every garden is different, with its own advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t just point out that ideal spot for you. What we can do is list the most important factors, so you can find the best spot for a cannabis plant in your garden yourself.

Three Important Factors

If you want to find the best spot to grow weed outdoors, you need to keep an eye on three factors: the number of hours of sunlight, protection against bad weather, and optimal soil conditions. If you balance them, your plants will benefit optimally from what your garden has to offer.


1. Sun Hours and Position

Your plants need a lot of sunlight for photosynthesis. This biochemical process provides the energy to become a strong mature plant full of tasty buds. So, you want to give your outdoor weed as many hours of sun as possible each day.

If possible, choose a spot that faces south or southwest, as you’ll get the most sun per day. If that’s not possible in your garden, pay close attention for a day to how the sunlight moves through your garden. Choose a spot that catches at least seven hours of optimal light: more is usually even better.

However, beware of overheating. Stone surfaces reflect heat and absorb it to radiate again later. If this becomes too intense, it can damage the leaves and cause heat stress. If you plant your weed seeds too close to a wall or fence, you can also block the airflow, so give your cannabis garden a bit of air and space.

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2. Shelter

The sun is your best friend, but if you’re not careful, the weather can also become a problem. A severe summer storm or early autumn rain and fog can greatly spoil your growth and harvest chances.

That’s why sufficient shelter is important at the best spot for growing outdoor weed in your garden. Try to make use of the bushes, trees, and fences that are already there, as long as they don’t block all the sunlight. If you know the usual wind direction, you can usually balance the sun and the wind well.


3. In The Ground Or In Pots?

Does the best spot to grow weed in your garden offer full soil? Then by all means, plant your weed seeds in the ground. Full soil with good drainage (essential for healthy roots and water/nutrient uptake) usually offers enough natural soil life and valuable nutrients for cannabis plants, although additional nutrition sometimes remains necessary. In addition, the roots get all the space, allowing your plants to grow into meter-high weed trees if you go for that.

If you plant your weed seeds or seedlings in pots, this also has advantages and disadvantages. Pots can be moved for even more sun hours, or a quick evacuation if a storm is coming. However, they do not have the buffer effect of full soil: water evaporates much faster in a pot. Always make holes in the bottom of your pots for drainage and give your plants enough space for a strong, healthy root system.

Now that you know the most important factors, it’s time to spot the best place to grow outdoor weed in your garden!

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