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Germany legalizes cannabis for recreational use


The German government has approved the bill to legalize cannabis for recreational use in Germany, becoming the second country of the European Union, after Malta, to regulate the use of this plant. This measure has divided the population, so, in this article you’ll find all you need to know about the use of marijuana and sale of cannabis seeds in Germany.

What Changes does this Law introduce?

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany occurs soon after the country approved the medicinal use of marijuana in 2017. This new law states that only adults over 18 can buy and possess recreational cannabis, and that limited cultivation is permitted for personal use. Besides, it is hoped that this measure will have a positive impact on the German economy, as the cannabis industry will create new job positions.

legalization of cannabis

Some of the items that this law covers are:

  • Adults over 18 are allowed to purchase up to a maximum of 15 grams, with up to 50 grams per month.
  • However, adults under 21 can purchase up to 30 grams, since they’re considered most vulnerable.
  • This purchase must be done through cannabis clubs of which users have to be members.
  • People can grow up to three plants for personal use.

This law doesn’t permit the free sale; in other words, cannabis can’t be bought in any store, but in those recreational clubs that are licensed for cultivation. Some of the rules that these clubs must follow are:

  • Every club will accept up to a maximum of 500 members.
  • To become a member, users must be of legal age and be normally resident in Germany.
  • Only those with proven reliability can manage these clubs.
  • Consumption is not allowed in the club, nor is near to schools and pedestrian zones.
  • Cultivation must be collective without commercial purposes.

Awareness Campaign

At the same time, the government is planning to start an awareness campaign about THC targeting both kids and teenagers, and it will be extended to the corresponding prevention programs. On the other hand, every club must make a health protection guide for youth, as well as designate a person responsible for prevention and addiction who should be trained. Likewise, these responsible people must attend regular refresher courses.

The aim of the law is to push back the black market since Germany has seen an increase in the use of these kinds of substances. Moreover, it also sets boundaries for the advertising of cannabis products, prohibiting both their advertisement in public places and promotion of online products.

Cannabis products must also meet certain quality standards, apart from being labeled with accurate information about the ingredients and effects.

legalization of cannabis in Germany

History of Cannabis in Germany

Cannabis has been illegal in Germany since 1929, just when it was included in the list of banned substances. From that moment, there have been attempts to legalize cannabis for recreational use in Germany, but all have failed so far.

In 2017, the German political party Die Grünen proposed a law to legalize cannabis for recreational use, but it was rejected by the German parliament. However, the same parliament approved the bill to legalize cannabis for medicinal use that same year. Since then, cannabis for medicinal use has been legal in Germany.

In October 2022, the German government took a significant step towards the legalization of cannabis for recreational use by introducing a bill that has been recently approved in August 2023.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany has been the subject of intense discussion in recent years. Supporters of legalization argue that this is a way to reduce crime related to drugs, and generate tax revenue for the government. On the other hand, opponents affirm that legalization may increase drug consumption and have a negative impact on public health.

Despite concerns, legalizing cannabis for recreational use in Germany is an important step towards the standardization of this substance in Europe. With the approval of the bill, Germany will join the list of countries in the world where marijuana is legal like Canada, Uruguay and some states of the United States.

Economic Impact of Legalizing Cannabis in Germany

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Germany will have a significant economic impact in the country. It is estimated that the legalization of marijuana will generate an income of 4.700 millions euros for the public purse, according to a Federal Statistical Office report.

The cannabis market in Germany is now a black market that moves billions of euros per year. The idea is that legalization will allow the government to collect taxes and reduce costs associated with prosecuting crimes related to drugs; apart from creating new employment in the cannabis industry: from growers to dispensaries and stores.

The future of cannabis in Germany seems to be heading towards a complete legalization of recreational consumption, which could have a significant impact on the economy and judicial system of the country. Nevertheless, it is important to establish strict regulations to guarantee the safety and public health.

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