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What is Lemon Tek?

In this post we want to delve into what is known as Lemon Tek, a revolutionary method with which to consume hallucinogenic mushrooms without suffering the hardships of flavor and texture; We will also try to discover why it is said that thanks to the Lemon Tek you get faster and more powerful trips with magic mushrooms.

To understand the benefits and drawbacks of psychoactive lemon juice, you must first understand what the ingestion of magic mushrooms entails and what synergy there is between Psilocybin, Psilocin, and lemon juice.

Use of hallucinogenic mushrooms

According to many users, the most critical point in a trip lies in ingesting the ‘shrooms. There are people who are more sensitive than others when it comes to eating magic mushrooms due to different factors, which tend to converge in their intense taste and harsh texture. Once they have lost all the water, the flavor of the mushrooms is magnified, reaching the point of having a potentially irritable and emetic taste. The same loss of water also affects the texture, making them hard and dry, perfect for staying between the teeth.

Some people feel nauseated when eating magic mushrooms
Some people feel nauseated when eating magic mushrooms

For these reasons, each psychonaut spends years looking for the technique that best suits their tastes and to be able to digest them without hardship. The simplest – and equally effective – method one finds is to mix the mushrooms with some food that has a stronger taste, like chocolate, or even pizza.

Other methods can be to cut them into tiny pieces and eat them together with honey, or grind them into powder and swallow them with the help of water. Recipes for infusions and teas, or tinctures of alcohol and/or water have also been prepared; Any technique is good if you manage to have a bad time as best as possible before the expected trip. That is why a shot of psychedelic lemon juice seems like an idyllic dream to many consumers.

Synergies between Psilocybin and lemon juice

Today’s technique, Lemon Tek, has a chemical-based explanation; the composition of lemon juice is above all rich in citric acid. This natural, weak acid helps both in the digestion of the mushrooms and in the transformation of Psilocybin into Psilocin and, therefore, promotes a faster assimilation.

One of the main causes of nausea and poor digestion of psilocybes is Chitin, the main component of the cell walls of mushrooms. The digestion of this is complex but the union with citric acid dissolves the proteins that are integrated and reduces the size of its particles, becoming more digestible for the human body.

As mentioned, citric acid also has a great advantage in the assimilation of the psychotropic component of hallucinogenic mushrooms. As in marijuana plants, where the flower does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) but THCA (the “acid version” of THC) and needs a decarboxylation process with which to be assimilated by the endocannabinoid system, it happens the same with the Psilocybin, since the form that can be assimilated by the organism is the Psilocin. It is the dephosphorized form of Psilocybin (Phosphorus molecules have disappeared).

Cannabis decarboxylation

Today we are going to delve into the cannabis decarboxylation process, by which cannabinoids lose their acid form and “activate” many of their properties. This is an essential process when preparing cannabis edibles, so they have the desired effect, and a basic step to make the best recipes.

We are not able to assimilate Psilocybin because it is too large and the human body does not have enough enzymes to metabolize it; On the other hand, it does have enough enzymes to do it with its dephosphorized form, Psilocin.

Your body does this by using weak natural acids that the body produces, creating the dephosphorization process in Psilocybin and turning it into Psilocin, the active form. It is a natural process for the body that can also be accelerated thanks to some weak acids found in nature, such as citric acid. A compound capable of making it quickly go from the naturally latent form found in the hallucinogenic mushroom to the assimilable form, Psilocin. In this way, it takes much less time to notice the effects since it enters the body directly and without having to be transformed.

For these reasons, the Lemon Tek is an option widely used by regular users. The “prototype” recipe for this drink is explained below, although as often happens, each consumer has to find which dose is best for them.

It should be remembered that it is not a technique intended for those who want to try the experience for the first time, since the powerful initial effect can be overwhelming for new users.

Lemon Tek Recipe

The Lemon Tek can be a great option to reduce nausea and the taste that causes the ingestion of magic mushrooms
The Lemon Tek can be a great option to reduce nausea and the taste that causes the ingestion of magic mushrooms

  1. Turn the dried mushrooms into a powder, using a crusher and/or an electronic grinder, and place them in a shot glass.
  2. Squeeze one or two limes/lemons and mix with the magic mushrooms
  3. Let sit for 15-20 minutes, mixing occasionally.

You can also strain the concoction through a coffee filter to avoid finding traces of mushrooms. Then throw away the organic remains and consume only the remaining juice.

Some users prefer to make their extract into a tea to further improve its taste and digestion. First, they do the whole Lemon Tek process, they strain it as previously mentioned and finally, they add it to a tea of their choice. According to Double Blind magazine (which specializes in psychedelia and, specifically, magic mushrooms), the favorites are usually ginger and green teas. Remember that the tea must not boil for a better conservation of the Psilocin.

Cooking recipes with magic mushrooms

Surely, and as little as you like to cook, you must have prepared a recipe with mushrooms. But have you ever cooked with magic mushrooms? Today we explain how to do it and we give you several succulent ideas to take your ‘shrooms in a different and – definitely – much more attractive way.

Summary and Conclusions

The ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms has always been a puzzle when looking for a spiritual experience, both for its disgusting taste and its texture. The Lemon Tek is a great solution to avoiding these two.

Because Psilocybin quickly transforms into Psilocin thanks to weak natural acids, an extract of the component can be produced through lemon juice. They also help dissolve chitin, making the compound easier for our body to digest.

This transformation usually occurs within the body slowly, but doing it directly in the concoction makes the trip start more powerfully and earlier, also reducing it by an hour. If a dose is taken directly and the maximum number of hours is usually about seven, with Lemon Tek it will be reduced to six.

Once it is understood how the synergies of the main compounds work, several conclusions can be drawn:

  • The Lemon Tek is a great option for anyone who has a hard time eating hallucinogenic mushrooms. Not only does it minimize taste and texture (plus all the changes that occur due to citric acid), but it’s also a quick and easy alternative.
  • Experienced psychonauts who want to try new things will love this juice. The initial powerful high disrupts the trip itself, making it more psychedelic while producing a faster effect.

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