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Lets Cook with 420DealsClub: Calcium good or bad?

So recently I have been looking at information on calcium and I hit to bits of information that seem to be contradictory and I’m wording if anyone can enlighten me on it.

<1) calcium helps prevent fat absobstion, but THC is highly lipid soluble and is therefore rapidly taken up by fat tissue. Calcium plays an important role in intestinal lipid digestion by increasing the lipolysis rate, but also limits fatty acid bioaccessibility.

<2)calcium tablets reduce stomach acids to prevent breakdown of THC in acids before absobstion.

Does this mean the THC that’s bonded to the fats and calcium helps separate the THC from the extra fats, so you get more THC with less fat absobstion rate? Or are they really counter productive to each other?

I’m not a huge fan of eating extra fats for THC because I struggle with weight issues and loss. I’m finally feeling better in my 40s with losing a bunch of weight over the last year. I have lost about 100lbs, and have a better (but still not perfect diet mostly due to munchies). But edible just don’t seem to hit so well, even after a month of a tolerance reset. So I’m wondering how calcium plays a role. Is it positive or negative…

Any clarity would be greatly appreciated!

Side note…. Today is CannaSugar making day for me, so I thought I post my pre-evap pictures to the post. It’s going to be a yummy batch.

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