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Lets Cook with 420DealsClub: Cinnamon Altoid-like mints

These were crazy easy to make. I just bought gum-paste and Lorann’s cinnamon oil from Michaels, flavored up a quarter cup and then folded in 4ml of 100mg/ml tincture. After I was sure it was properly mixed in dusted it with powdered sugar and used a cut up boba straw to poke out the mints from the flattened out paste. Reform the remaining paste into a smaller flattened out paste. And again. Then I rolled the rest up and used a knife to portion out the last few. I ended up with 90 mints. They are drying now but they taste just like Altoids. 4.5mg each, I will be working on getting the tincture to paste ratio up to 5mg per piece but for my first attempt with this stuff I’m pretty happy.

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