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Organic Cannabis Cultivation – What is integrated pest management [IPM]? — Ed Rosenthal and Arbico — Ed Rosenthal


Lastly, the key to a successful IPM plan starts with good planning and preparation and it is important to know your growing specifics such as temperature levels, humidity levels, grow size, soil media, and care regime, and any additional specifics when creating an IPM plan. Beneficial insects are predominately grown in labs and require lead time for collection and shipping so don’t wait until it’s too late!

While most growers are seasoned experts when it comes to soil and planning ahead, it can be daunting to navigate selecting and utilizing beneficial insects and organisms. A good resource for not only information but also for the acquisition of beneficial controls is a family-owned business in Tucson, Arizona that has been helping growers make sustainable choices for over 40 years, ARBICO Organics. Their mission is to help guide growers towards utilizing IPM practices in a way that is both efficient and easy. They have a team of specialists that can help growers determine the best solutions for their pest problems and provide valuable information that will help create a successful IPM plan including pest identification and suggesting the best beneficial for control in a particular growing environment. Once you have selected which beneficial to use, the specialists at ARBICO Organics can help you to determine the right amount to introduce, when to release the beneficial, and what kind of continuity (repeated applications) or schedule will best support success. When applying beneficials, it’s imperative to reintroduce them at an amount and pace that is higher than the pest’s reproduction levels to suppress the pest population. ARBICO Organics also offers a wide array of knock-down insecticides derived from ingredients like neem-oil and more that can help you treat pests without harsh chemicals.

Check out their website today to learn more about IPM or give them a call for a custom consultation!

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