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Don't underestimate the power of popcorn – especially when it comes to weed. While our popcorn collection might be smaller in size, it boasts an impressive range that caters to all preferences, from affordable options to premium quality selections.

Explore the world of popcorn buds, where size doesn't define the experience. We've curated a diverse selection that encompasses a spectrum of flavors, aromas, and effects. These small but remarkable buds hold the essence of cannabis, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable encounter with every choice you make.

Whether you're seeking budget-friendly picks or top-tier popcorn treasures, our collection has something to offer. Embrace the unique charm of popcorn buds and embark on a cannabis journey that defies expectations.

What is popcorn weed?

Popcorn weed, often referred to as "popcorn buds," are small-sized cannabis buds that are typically smaller than the standard, larger buds. These smaller buds might not meet the size criteria for premium flower, but they still contain the same cannabinoids and terpenes found in larger buds. Popcorn weed is considered a budget-friendly option and is ideal for those looking for more affordable cannabis. It can be used in various ways, such as rolling joints, packing bowls, or making extracts. While the appearance might be different, the effects and flavors can still be enjoyable.

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Haze Popcorn

THC: 14%–23% $18.00$450.00