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The 10 BEST WEED Strains Voted for by YOU!

The 10 best cannabis strains of all time… according to you!

So, we asked you guys what your favourite strain of cannabis was and out over a thousand votes, you gave us a selection of roughly 113 different strains of cannabis that were a firm favourite.

So, what did you come up with as your favourites and what did you have to say about them?

Well, at number ten we can’t remember which one you chose, so we’ll quickly move on to number nine.

And yes, you guessed it, cheese.

No, not the stuff that comes from milk, but the stuff that comes from a cannabis plant.

Mind you, Mike Owen may be hedging his bets on what he was referring to when he commented “cheese for the taste”, and was Robert Sarbu referring to Stilton when he said: “Blue cheese”?

However, we’re all off to fill our faces as Krie suggested that “a couple of puffs of blue cheese right before a big ribeye steak is hard to beat”!

At number eight we have OG Kush, and a popular habit of cannabis users is to reminisce, as witnessed by G Shell who still yearns for some ‘02 or ‘03 OG Kush.

Sorry, still can’t remember what was number 10, but at number seven we have Gelato, a favourite with Italians…

It seems it’s a bit of a favourite in Scotland too according to Greghtid who described the effects as: “gives a good buzz and stone”. What more could you want.

We have some advice for Dave Miller and that is not to panic. With over 800 varieties of cannabis, you’ll never be asked to pick just one, but good to know that in such a crisis Gelato is your ‘go-to’ weed of choice.

At number six we have Acapulco Gold which, as cannabis names go, is relatively tame, even if the cannabis isn’t.

This also seems to be the stuff of legend and the after-effects include, unsurprisingly reminiscing.
Both Patricia Persinger (great name by the way!), Carol Redemacher and Mike Henderson all seem to have enjoyed this ‘back in the day’ in the 1970s.

At number five we have Girl Scout Cookies and we’d love to know the thought process or inspiration behind the name as although any cookies we’ve had baked by girl scouts were very nice, we prefer hash brownies.

At number four we have Sour Diesel and we loved ‘solodolo’s’ comment: “Smoked a blunt to the head of some different looking Sour Diesel in Lawrence Kansas one day and I’ve never been that high since.”

Still can’t remember what was at number ten on the list, sorry.

At number three we’ve got Red Bud Columbian, which seems to be a favourite of Mark Galetti who has been partial to it since 1975 – more reminiscing perhaps?

Clearly most of you are also animal lovers as you will see from the top-two choices.

At number two we have Gorilla Glue.

Now for any carpenters out there, there is a connection between the cannabis Gorilla Glue and the wood glue, Gorilla glue, and it is not that both can get you high.

Gorilla Glue gets its name from the fact that once you are stoned, you can’t shift out of your seat! However, GG4 seems to have found that it had the opposite effect on him as it took him to the moon which, as we all know, is made of cheese, isn’t it GG4?

And so to number one on the list. Have you guessed it with the clue we gave earlier? Think animal.

Think black and white.

Think about terpenes.

Yup, you got it, the animal that is black and white and smells is a skunk, and Skunk was the leader, just, in our list of your top-ten most popular strains of cannabis.

Who would dare argue with Scott Thain’s comment, which was also our favourite of those left? “1980’s SKUNK smelled like burnt rubber and tasted kinda like the Exxon Valdez spill and your best friend was the couch,” and if more proof were needed that stoners love reminiscing, Bob Dirt provided it:

“Early 80s circa Skunk. Super high terpene levels, open the bag and the whole building could smell it. It was grown indoors around the US Pacific Northwest.”

It is worth mentioning that many other strains of cannabis received multiple ‘honourable mentions’, and these include Northern Lights, Panama Red, purple punch, Thai Stick, Green Crack and Maui Wowie, blue dream, lemon haze, pink runtz, biscotti, jack Herer, stardog, white widow, gushers, hulkberry and bruce banner, and so, so many more.

Oh, and we just remembered what was number ten on the list…. Amnesia!

Let us know in the comments what’s your favourite cannabis strain and why, and if we remember, we might just feature you in the next video, and of course if you enjoyed this video smoke up the like button and subscribe to our channel so you too can become a cannabis expert!

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