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The Best Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Growing by Amsterdam Genetics


When you’re planning to grow cannabis outdoors, it’s only natural that you’ll seek the best cannabis seeds, and that road leads straight to Amsterdam Genetics! At Amsterdam Genetics, true cannabis enthusiasts work who have been dedicated for years to developing the best genetics. In this blog, you’ll read about how to pick your seeds for outdoor cultivation from the wide range of options, and which ones we recommend.

Why Choose Seeds from Amsterdam Genetics?

Why pick for Amsterdam Genetics? This company has been busy with the development of high-quality cannabis seeds since 1985. The folks working here are passionate about plants and have made it their goal to develop the best, most reliable, and noteworthy seeds for you.

Over the years, Amsterdam Genetics has developed a long list of medicinal, feminized, and autoflowering seeds, from their own tradition but also making use of the latest top genetics from both domestic and foreign sources. This company has a big name in the cannabis world. They are known for the high quality of their seeds and their mission to continually innovate.

Whether you want to grow cannabis seeds outdoors or indoors, you have a wide selection of famous names like Royal Choco, Quicksilver, and Amnesia Haze to choose from.

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How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Growing?

Are you planning to grow cannabis outdoors? It’s not difficult and can be quite rewarding. Many strains from Amsterdam Genetics are well-suited to the Dutch climate. Here are some factors to consider when choosing seeds for outdoor growing:

Climate Resilience

Choose strains that can withstand the Dutch weather. Indicas, originating from colder, mountainous regions, are generally more tolerant of cold than Sativas.

Flowering Time

Indicas also tend to flower more quickly than Sativas, allowing you to harvest before the cold and harsh weather sets in.


The average yield of a strain can influence your choice. Some strains produce more and denser buds than others.

THC or CBD Content

Each strain has its unique cannabinoid profile. You may want buds rich in THC or prefer a high percentage of CBD, or a combination of both. If you prefer more CBD, then look for CBD cannabis seeds.

Here, we give you a brief explanation of two popular strains suitable for outdoor cultivation.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a highly popular strain, for both indoor and outdoor growers. This strain has parent strains of Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights. If you want to grow this cannabis type outdoors, it’s particularly well-suited for warm summers. But the Netherlands has not been lacking warm summers lately, and Silver Haze does well even at around 20 degrees Celsius.

It’s a Sativa-dominant strain, but the flowering time is reasonable, between 9 and 11 weeks, and it’s easy to grow. When you grow these cannabis seeds outdoors, you can count on big, dense buds that look silvery (hence the name) due to the large amount of trichomes.

These plants will yield buds with a high percentage of THC, at 19%. The scent of Super Silver Haze is also delightful: a mix of sweet fruit, fresh pine, and a hint of diesel.
Super Silver Haze seeds

White Choco


White Choco is also a popular strain, especially if you want to grow cannabis seeds outdoors. The parent strains are White Russian and Chocolope. This strain is balanced with as much Sativa as Indica and performs well in Dutch summers.

Be mindful of the height, as this sturdy grower can easily reach three meters. Of course, you can apply training techniques to control the growth if needed. What makes White Choco attractive for outdoor growers is its short flowering time, between 8 to 9 weeks. You’ll definitely harvest before the colder and wetter autumn weather arrives.

Generally, the yield is large, and you can also count on these buds having a high THC percentage (19%) and 1.8% CBN. If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow strain for outdoors, then White Choco is a good choice. Be enticed by the delicious, rich scent of chocolate with a spicy undertone.
White Choco best cannabis seeds 2023

Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Cultivation

Hopefully, this information is sufficient for you to make your choice of cannabis seeds for outdoor cultivation. Now you know what to look out for when making your selection. And in the webshop, you’ll find a handy overview of the properties for each strain, like yield, height, medicinal use, and effects.

What is our favorite for outdoor cultivation? We end up picking White Choco, an absolute winner! With its nearly perfect mix of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, this is a robust plant that can withstand the Dutch climate well. It’s also popular among outdoor growers, especially due to its shorter flowering time.

Moreover, its effects are not to be scoffed at. White Choco is known for its positive impact on mood and offers a wonderful, relaxed feeling, which can also come in handy if you have trouble sleeping. But whatever your choice, you’re always in good hands with cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Genetics.

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