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Utillian 421 review & how-to: 2020’s best cheap dry herb vape? – 4K

A full Utillian 421 review and guide, we go over this cheap little vape as it sits in contention for the best budget dry herb vape in 2020! SHOW MORE FOR TIMESTAMPS TO SKIP AHEAD IN THE VIDEO!

The Utillian 421 is an excellent hard-hitting budget dry herb vape and one of the better picks out there. It has a fairly large bowl, hits hard, and destroys a bubbler.

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Introduction : 0:00
What’s in the box: 0:33
How to use the Utillian 421: 1:07
Low temp hits: 1:50
Mid temp hits 2:40
Adjustable airflow: 3:12
Battery life: 3:35
Utillian 421 + bong: 4:32
Build quality: 7:28
AVB inspection: 8:05
Cleaning the Utillian 421 vape: 8:20
Closing notes: 9:10

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