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Which Cannabis Intake Method is Right for You?


As the realm of cannabis consumption constantly evolves, it presents numerous avenues for enthusiasts and patients to savor its advantages. Each method brings its distinct advantages, limitations, and experience. To find your ideal intake approach, it’s crucial to grasp the distinctions among them. Join us in exploring edibles, oils, and smoking to help you make an educated choice.



  • Long-lasting Effects: Once edibles are ingested, they are broken down in the liver, producing 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite is particularly effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, leading to prolonged and sometimes more intense effects.
  • Discretion and Convenience: Edibles don’t produce any smoke or smell, making them discreet. They’re also portable and easy to consume without any paraphernalia.
  • Varied Options: From brownies to gummies and chocolates, there are numerous edibles available, catering to varied taste preferences.


  • Delayed Onset: The effects of edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. This can be challenging for those seeking immediate relief.
  • Dosage Uncertainties: It’s harder to gauge the amount of THC or CBD in edibles, leading some users to inadvertently consume too much.

Oils (CBD & THC)


  • Versatility: Cannabis oils can be consumed directly, added to foods or drinks, or applied topically.
  • Controlled Dosage: Droppers typically accompany oils, allowing users to precisely measure their intake.
  • Rapid Absorption: When taken sublingually (under the tongue), oils can offer faster absorption and onset of effects.


  • Taste: Some users might find the natural taste of cannabis oil off-putting.
  • Price: High-quality cannabis oils can be pricier than other consumption methods.



  • Immediate Effects: Inhalation delivers cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream via the lungs, leading to almost immediate effects.
  • Social Experience: For many, smoking cannabis is a communal activity, offering a unique social experience.


  • Health Concerns: Smoking any substance can lead to respiratory issues over time. It introduces tar and other harmful compounds into the lungs.
  • Less Discreet: The distinct smell and visible smoke make it less discreet than other consumption methods.

Where to Find the Best Cannabis Products

When in search of edibles, oils, or smoking products, it becomes crucial to secure them from trusted sources to guarantee both safety and top-notch quality. If convenience tops your list, consider the convenience of an at-home delivery service. Take Los Angeles, for example, where you can rely on heyemjay.comfor doorstep delivery of premium cannabis products.

Your inclination might lean towards edibles, oils, or the timeless act of smoking, yet it’s crucial to discern what aligns best with your unique requirements and tastes. For those who are new to the world of cannabis, it’s wise to embark on this journey with a gentle introduction, starting with a conservative dosage and progressing gradually to explore its full potential.

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